Buy Gold nuggets/bar, Rough Diamonds and copper Cathodes

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we have large quantity of gold nuggets/bar, Rough Diamonds and copper Cathodes. we are one of the leading group in selling gold bars,Rough Diamonds and copper Cathodes. Our gold and Diamond are the best in all regions, quality of our gold 23 carat, 98.67% purity, our price is negotiable and our service is very smoothly, we want a capable buyer that can purchase in large quantity and we are ready to offer a contract for long term business transaction which will held in mutual understanding business relationship. we are here only for serious buyer not for unreal one As we are ready to meet with you in person for Business, contact us today for more information. Products in Stock at the moment. 1. Gold nuggets/bar 2. Rough Diamonds 3. Copper Cathodes Email: SKYPE : live:drbenjimoki

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