Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml Reds / Blue / Silver, Energy Austria Origin

Descripción de red bull energy drink 250ml reds / blue / silver, energy austria origin

Find our offers below. Packaging & Shipping Product Type:Red bull Energy Drinks Feature: Normal, Sugar-Free Packaging: Can (Tinned) Volume (L): 250 Shelf Life: 24 250ml cans 24 cans per case 108 cases on pallet full truck: 33 pallets (3,564 cases) 20ft container: 26 pallets (2,808 cases) - packing shall be done in trays and pallets or as per buyers request - shipping in done in 20ft / 40 ft container or buyer may advise packaging. Text: full English, English+German, English+French, English+Spanish,English+Polish,French+English, Turkish text + other languages available on demand with stickers as requested by buyer Please note 1.Europe Origin products 2.We offer a steady supply of Heineken beer 3.We have ourselves warehouse for keep goods. 4.We can offer FOB and CNF to all the world . 5.We also deal with other beer types , soft drinks, mineral water, Liquor,food, confectionary and cosmetics. 6. if you have any other intersted please feel free to contact us for info on price and product details. Email: Whatsapp: +15596777893

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